Isagenix and the ISA Foundation donated over $20,000 to Australian wildfire relief.

2020 is a year that many may not want to remember, but for the ISA Foundation, it was a year that we will never forget. Like never before, 2020 called upon the ISA Foundation to help a world in crisis.  

Many in Australia needed aid as the country was ravaged by wildfires. A global pandemic forced thousands to rely on donations to local food banks that were overwhelmed by the increased needs of civilians and exhausted frontline workers. Natural disasters in the United States and abroad. Young people around the world looked to Isagenix to help them create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. And in the United States, racial inequality came to the forefront and challenged us all to do better. 

We are grateful that a new year brings with it a chance for a fresh start for the world. But before we begin a new adventure, let’s look back at how your donations have allowed the ISA Foundation to make an impact in our world since its founding in 2018 as well as the incredible strides we have all made toward health, wellness, and equality in 2020

The ISA Foundation Rises to the Challenge

The doctors and nurses of Dignity Health receiving donations of IsaLean Shakes and Bea.

Impacting world health and wellness is no easy feat, but in this great time of need, the ISA Foundation has been able to support life-changing programs locally and around

Rebecca Akiru is the first recipient of the ISA Foundation Ambassador of Hope Award.

the world. In just the last several years, Isagenix has provided 11 million healthy meals, hosted more than 34,000 wellness education sessions, and served over 300,000 people in need.   

In 2020, the ISA Foundation continued its mission to ensure health and wellness for all. While the world faced unexpected disasters, they didn’t slow our impact — they fueled itEven amid the chaos, the ISA Foundation helped SERV International break ground on the START Your Life House in Kenya in collaboration with the START program. This house will provide young people in Turkana, Kenya, with the skills they need to pursue a better future.  

And finally, this year marks the first time the ISA Foundation presented the Ambassador of Hope Award at New Year Kick Off. The 2021 Ambassador of Hope Award was given to Rebecca Akiru in recognition of her unyielding commitment to serve others in her community despite having faced life-threatening challenges herself. As an Ambassador of Hope, Rebecca will receive a four-year scholarship to attend university so she may strengthen her ability to continue improving the lives of others in her community.

Looking to the Future

The young people of Turkana, Kenya breaking ground on the START YOUR LIFE House.

Recently, the ISA Foundation announced the newest round of grant recipients$520,000 was awarded to 21 nonprofit organizations that align with the mission of the ISA Foundation, including the pursuit of racial equality.  

This year, grants were awarded to several new partners and projects that will help many in need and help promote healing from the chaos of 2020. Many of these partners will also receive product donations from Isagenix as needed in the coming months to supplement the projects funded by the ISA Foundation.  

Grants ranged between $5,000 and $150,000 and are being distributed to the following worthy organizations:

The ISA Foundation is also awarding a significant grant to partner whose projects are specifically focused on the pursuit of racial equality. These efforts under the ISA Foundation’s fourth pillar warrant their own special announcement, which will be published soon here and on the ISA Foundation social media channels. 

To learn more about the ISA Foundation or to apply for the next round of grants beginning March 15, 2021, visit You can also follow the ISA Foundation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.